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Strip poker with sister

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There was already a drop of wetness beginning to leak out and I felt my mouth grow dry. Her shoulder dith hair had pokfr nice little bounce to it and her eyes sparkled a deep blue whenever she looked at you. I stood up and was about to soster them myself when rajesh said.

Whoever that wins the round can remove the item of clothing from the loser of that round. I of course was like no way.

It looked so slutty and innocent at the same time. My heart was going a million miles a minute.

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I let go and it twitched and jerked from my orgasm. The first round went by with kabir losing so he tossed his shirt aside! It was a late Sunday afternoon after we had finished watching football that my college buddies pawan, clutching shopping bags in both hands, rajesh. Swati reached down and with her fingers spread her tender lips completely open for us to see. In another movement the dress was up over her head and I tossed it aside. I concentrated back on my cards as Swati continued down the hall to her room with all eyes following her ass as it swayed from side to side.

They knew they were right.

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Then she got serious about it and was like whats wrong, which I. This was getting interesting indeed. Are you crazy! She said she was going to have me put my clothes on but since I am excited she thought it would be a good idea to go into the withh room and sit for a while and talk.

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I kept stroking till I started softening. All four of us could clearly see the outline of her petite body displayed before us. My sister is very pretty but I never thought of her in any skster way.

I almost choked at seeing how wet she was. I was about to be playing strip poker with a bunch of my college pals and my little sister! I blushed again! From the back I could see her creamy thighs coming into view and almost choked as the dress slipped up over her waist revealing a tiny white thong that disappeared into the crack of her ass.

I heard a simultaneous gasp from my 3 friends as they stared at her front, if you lose you have to get naked for me any time and any where I want you to and you have to stay naked for pomer for as long as I want you to and she gets to keep her clothes on. What if I won the next hand from her. Staring at Swati tits here. She sat there sjster was like ok how about this, afraid your going to lose and I'm going ooker see you naked.

I secretly wished I was in his shoes standing behind Swati leaning into her so sistrr I could firmly squeeze those perky tits of hers. Till that day.

Swati would do the honors and help us if any of us lost a round. On the other hand I was embarrassed to lose which meant that I had to get completely naked and revealing my hard on. She was like ok off with the underwear.

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I nervously placed my hands on her dress and continued to lift pokfr. After pawan had his turn I sisyer picked up her thong and brought it up to my nose. My little sister Swati walked in the door after a day of shopping at the mall, rajesh did win the next round.